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Vendor Spotlight: Nomad Box Bar

Are you in search of an extraordinary bar experience to elevate your wedding celebration? We highly recommend exploring the Nomad Box Bar! Working with the Nomad Team has always been a delightful experience for us, and we believe they can bring a distinctive touch to your special day. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Who are you, what you do and who you serve?

Nomad Box Bar is a unique mobile beverage experience. Utilizing one or more of our elegantly

restored and customized mobile or portable bars, we provide inclusive beverage service from an

intimate gathering of friends up to small festivals.

What services do you offer?

We provide our clients with beverages that are creative, fresh and tasty whether they contain

alcohol or not. It is important to our brand that we provide a fully inclusive beverage experience

to all guests. More and more people are opting to reduce their alcohol intake when celebrating

and socializing, and we are there with a menu tailored for everyone. We advise on how to

provide WOW beverage service with an appealing menu, flow management, alcohol quantity

and selection planning & more.

How did you get started in the wedding industry, and what inspired you to start The Nomad

Box Bar?

We started with the idea of creating an inclusive beverage experience for weddings and parties

like no other. Caterers were commonplace offering services to pour a rum and coke or glass of

wine from a basic bar top, but creative mocktails, craft cocktails & draft taps from an elegant

rolling bar was foreign. After traveling abroad in 2018 we decided to bring a concept that

inspired us, home to Winnipeg, Canada. We were happy to be one of the early pioneers of this

type of service in Canada.

New in 2023 is our Nomad Speakeasy special event centre. We have created a completely

unique 100 person event centre, ready to host your next celebration.

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry and serving couples on their

special day?

We love hearing that our clients loved their drinks and that we helped them execute a coveted

part of their big day. Exceeding our couples’ expectations is always our goal and we enjoy

seeing them toast in front of the bar to celebrate their nuptials. We also love creating custom

beverage menus and watching it all come to life on the big day. An ultimate fav is when the

couples go in the bars for a photoshoot!

What do you believe is the most important consideration when couples are choosing a


Hire a team that is experienced in the distribution and consumption of alcohol and is attentive to

your guests. It can be hard to control big crowds or know when and if to cut people off. It is

important that your bartenders can identify over consumption and pace heavy drinkers. Knowing

when to discreetly slow down those approaching their limit is a skill that is acquired with


What is the best piece of advice you would offer to couples planning their wedding?

Hire professional bartenders. We are told by people who opted out of a professional service, they had loads of opened and barely used bottles left over. There was a mess because asking family & friends to do even more work afterward was difficult. There were long lines because they don't sling hundreds of drinks every weekend and have the experience to keep up. We make the conservation of alcohol a strategy that we have perfected, maximizing your budget, saving money and stress and having an elevated experience for your guests.

What is the ideal timeline for couples to book your services in advance of their wedding day?

We book up to 3 years in advance, so the sooner the better! We do have multiple trailers so we

can accommodate multiple couples during prime wedding dates, but it is always best to book us

after you have secured your venue.

Can you share your favorite wedding trend or design idea that you're currently excited about?

Alcohol free spirits! We love having AF spirits on the rail alongside our cocktail spirits because

we believe in providing inclusive beverages for everyone. If you haven’t tried a whiskey free

sour yet, you’re missing out!

How do you stand out?

Our mobile bars are works of art. We pour our heart and soul into every restoration and it

shows. Utilizing fresh ingredients and local suppliers we try to personalize drinks to the tastes

and preferences of our clients. We are proud of our 5 star google review rating!

Anything else you would like to mention?

During the winter months our focus is away from weddings and more on indoor gatherings whether for a corporate holiday party, customer appreciation celebration or engagement party. If an event

space is required, we are now open at our Speakeasy special event center to elevate the

beverage and atmosphere experience for guests, indoors!

If you want to learn more about The Nomad Box Bar check out their website and instagram.

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