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Vendor Love: Sierra Savannah Photography

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Who are you, what you do & who do you serve?

I am a photographer located in Winnipeg, MB, specializing in weddings, portraits, and small businesses. My thing is candid, natural, and personality-filled photography. 

How and when did you get started in the industry?

I started shooting weddings when I was 17 years old as an assistant to Mackenzie Jean, and I've never stopped! She was the most phenomenal mentor and connected me to many other amazing photographers who taught me so much.

Where are you based and where do you meet with clients?

I reside in the Crescentwood/Corydon area, and meet with my clients over a beer or a coffee at one of their favourite spots.

What services do you offer? 

I offer wedding photography to suit whatever your unique day will need, portraiture of all kinds and small business photography. One size does not fit all, so get in touch if you'd like further details.

What is the biggest trend you have seen since being in the industry?

My favourite trend I have seen in the last 2 years (partially thanks to the pandemic) is the "unconventional wedding day". Countless couples of mine have dropped a lot of traditions and expectations that typically surround wedding day planning, and kept solely to what is most THEM! This has resulted in more intimate, personal, creative, unique and all-around amazing wedding days. It's my favourite!

Which venue do you work in the most frequently? 

None! I love that most of my weddings are someplace totally new for me. This summer I was excited to photograph in lots of backyards!

How far in advance do your clients typically book you?

I currently book only up to one year in advance.

Can you give us one of your industry tips that brides or grooms don't often know?

Plan your day around what you want it to feel like, and you won't regret a thing! I have photographed many weddings that have been built around a to-do list. Perhaps around photos, around tradition, or around guests. All those things are amazing and essential parts of your wedding day, but I have seen many brides and grooms feeling rushed, stressed, busy, overwhelmed, or tired out on their wedding day. So what do you do instead? 

As you think of your wedding day, what do you dream of? Think of the top 3 feelings that come to mind, and try to use that as a guide for planning the flow of your day. Perhaps it's fun/easygoing/outdoorsy, or glamourous/romantic/intimate, or relaxed/relational/real. 

If you dream of feeling relaxed and intimate with your partner but then schedule 4 locations, 2 hours of posing, jumping straight into the ceremony, to family photos, to processional.... (you get the point!) perhaps there's a problem! 

The feelings my husband and I wanted to prioritize most were relaxed, togetherness and community. To tangibly make these things happen, we spent the morning together, rather than apart! We separated around lunchtime to get ready. We scheduled a "private cocktail hour" with just the bridal party to regroup, connect, and chill out before the ceremony. We made sure we could be present during the main cocktail hour with our guests, instead of taking photos. My brother married us instead of a pastor or professional officiant. Overall, we tried to drop any formalities and keep it "US". I use this as an example of the ways you can be creative to make your day truly FEEL the way you want it to!

How do you stand out?

If it isn't clear yet, I am passionate about real-life people, with real love, and a real story to tell. :) I am more interested in timeless photography than on-trend photography!

Want to check out more of Sierra Savannah Photography? Check out her Instagram & website!

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