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Vendor Spotlight: Cameo Flowers

We've had the delight of collaborating with Cameo Flowers on numerous occasions and have consistently been amazed by their extraordinary floral designs. Flowers hold a significant role on your wedding day, and it's crucial to entrust this task to a florist who can bring your floral visions to life. Cameo Flowers excels in precisely that! Continue reading to discover more about their exceptional services!

Who are you, what you do and who you serve?

My name is Andrea Neufeld, I am the founder of Cameo Flowers and I serve anyone looking for spectacular florals for their events!

What services do you offer? 

I offer event florals for weddings, showers, parties, etc as well as some beautiful rentals for these events to add to the whole design of the day. 

How did you get started in the wedding industry, and what inspired you to become a florist?

It was a journey from a small cutting garden I developed with my sister in law that just showed me how much joy flowers can bring to any occasion. It naturally transitioned into monthly subscriptions and small parties and then built into weddings and larger events! I really just wanted a way to share the joy that I experienced with other people and the wedding industry was a natural jumping point in order to do so.

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry and serving couples on their special day?

I really love being hands on in helping couples have the design of their dreams on their special day. I love meeting with couples, helping with floral visions, and executing these ideas in a way that surpasses their expectations. It is always my goal to leave a couple feeling like they couldn’t ask for anything better.

What do you believe is the most important consideration when couples are choosing a florist? 

I think choosing the florist that understands your vision, and will go above and beyond to help you get there. Or even a florist that can help you hone your vision into something better when you’re struggling to iterate exactly what you desire. It is my job to get to know you as a couple, with individual styles and aesthetics and provide you with a floral design that speaks to your personalities. 

What is the ideal timeline for couples to book your services in advance of their wedding day?

Right now I am booking for 2025. I have minimal spots left for summer 2024, but quite a few fall/ winter openings this year. The earlier the better I would say.

What is the best piece of advice you would offer to couples planning their wedding?

Simply to take your time. Enjoy the process. Make a list of your ideal vendors and send out a few emails at a time, and then as you book them move further down your list. There is nothing worse then being bombarded by emails and having to sort through and reply (because please do reply) to every single one. 

Can you share your favorite wedding trend or design idea that you're currently excited about?

I love the freedom that today’s couples have to have intimate weddings. It used to feel like you had to have a large wedding with every blood relative possible on the guest list. And while that is fantastic if you want it I love the ability that a small gathering has to allow the couple to express themselves. Invest in fewer but more impactful floral installations, some fabulous rentals, and maybe some live music where it would have been more difficult to afford with a large wedding. 

I also love an unexpected colour pallet, block floral arrangements and the bow trend right now!

How do you stand out?

I think one of the things that makes me stand out is the fact that I am a one woman show, that means I literally touch every single flower that you come into contact with on your wedding day. I handle every detail, from emails, to meetings, to orders, to execution and this allows me to maintain a superior level of attention to detail. Nothing leaves my hands before it is perfect, and I really value that. 

Anything else you would like to mention

Something else that is interesting about Cameo Flowers is that I also grow my own flowers. So not only do I have whole salers and growers but I have two small cutting gardens that I have started from seed with my very own hands. Some of which may end up in your bouquet or floral arrangements and nothing could make me happier than sharing that with my couples.

Want to learn more about Cameo Flowers? Check out their Instagram and Website.


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