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Tent Companies in Manitoba

Are you planning your wedding to be on private property? If you are having a private property wedding you are probably on the search for a tent to rent. Manitoba has plenty of companies to rent a tent from... keep reading to learn more about what Manitoba has to offer when it comes to wedding tents!

First up, Endless Events Group! Endless Event Groups save their customers time and energy by delivering and setting up the tents so you can relax. They have tents from 20x40 to 50x100 in size, from clear top, to pole tents, to even inflatable tents. Endless Events Group also has tables, chairs, lightening, dance floors, sound systems and staging for rent so that you can rent everything from one place!

Next up, Pembina Valley's Tent Rentals. Their tents are constructed from high quality laminated vinyl and feature either solid or cathedral wall panels that are customizable to suit your needs. Their sizes range from 20x20 to 40x120. They also offer a variety of table and chair options, as well as a dance floor, fans, lightening and speakers.

Next we have Springfield Tent Rentals. They offer tents from 20x20 to 48x180 in size, with each tent rental they include installation and take-down. Springfield Tent Rentals also has chairs, tables, lightening and flooring for rent!

Weatherwise Tent Rental Inc. makes sure that you are protected from rain and from the heat of the sun on your wedding day! They have a variety of tents from 20x20 to 50x90 and they also have chairs, tables, dance floors and lightening for rent!

D'lite Tent & Events offer clear top tents or your standard white tent sizing from 20x20 to 45x120. D'lite Tent & Events also has a variety of chairs, tables, lightening, swag, pipe & drape, bars, podiums, cooling and heating systems, audio systems, flooring and staging.

And last but not least Norwood Tents. Norwood Tents are engineered for extreme weather conditions and manufactured to the highest standards. You can relax and enjoy your event, while they do all the setup and take-down. They offer pole tents and frame tents from 20x20 to 40x160 in sizing.

When it comes to renting a tent for your wedding here are a couple of tips and things to consider:

1. As a general rule, you need 15 square feet per person. The number of guests will dictate the size of the tent.

2. Do you have enough space on your property to fit the appropriate size of tent you need to accommodate for your guests? Are there any obstacles like trees?

3. Consider what type of surface the tent will be on, is it even?

4. Consider the time of year, Do you need to rent a heating or cooling system?

5. Reserve your tent early

6. Rent lightening


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