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Jennifer and Zachary's Fall Wedding at Starlit Point

As the leaves turned into a kaleidoscope of warm hues, Jennifer and Zachary embarked on their journey of love amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Starlit Point. Their fall wedding was a celebration of warmth, love, and the vibrant colours that make autumn truly magical.

The fall colours took center stage in Jennifer and Zachary's wedding decor, creating a visual feast for the senses. Rust and terracotta hues adorned the tables, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the beauty of the season. The tables were elegantly decorated with bud vases and taper candles, casting a soft glow that added to the romantic ambiance of the evening.

In a delightful departure from tradition, the couple opted for pies instead of the conventional wedding cake. Jennifer's mom crafted three large pies and a bunch of mini pies that left guests in awe. The aroma of baked goodness wafted through the air, creating a sense of coziness that perfectly complemented the fall setting.

A standout element that stole the hearts of all attendees was the Nomad Box Bar. This mobile bar, with its eclectic selection of beverages, became an instant favourite among the guests. From signature cocktails to classic favorites, the Nomad Box Bar added an extra layer of charm to the celebration, ensuring that everyone had a memorable time.

One couldn't help but be captivated by the radiant smiles of Jennifer and Zachary throughout the festivities. Their joy and love for each other were palpable, creating an infectious energy that resonated with everyone present. Every glance, every touch, and every shared moment reflected the deep connection between the newlyweds.

Jennifer and Zachary's fall wedding at Starlit Point was a harmonious blend of rustic charm, vibrant colours, and heartfelt moments. Thank you to all of the vendors who made this day possible:

Officiant: Marry Me, Hunnie

Stationary: Blake Creative Co

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