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Flowers: Live or Silk?

My couples often ask how to choose between live and silk flowers. Which ones are better? Which ones are more cost effective? How do you decide?

Let's explore the differences!

First up, lets start with the benefits of live flowers:

1- They smell incredible.

2- You will have the opportunity to support local growers & local business.

3- They come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and shapes so it is easier to mix and hand tie into your dream bouquet.

4- Live flowers are traditional and can be quite hearty to last more than one day. Consider donating your wedding flowers to a hospital or assisted living facility to brighten someone's day after the wedding.

Here are a few of our favourite local florists:

4- Geranium Lake Botanicals

Secondly, let's look at the benefits of silk flowers:

1- You can keep them forever.

2- They won't die in the winter (If you are getting married in a cold climate).

3- You won't attract bees in the summer.

4- You can sell them post wedding if you don't want to hang on to them, which makes them a bit more affordable.

Here are a few of our favourite silk florists:

We hope this helps on your floral planning journey! Happy Planning!

- Tricia xoxo

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