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A year in review: 2020

Alright kids, here we have it. The summary of 2020. This was supposed to be my best & busiest year. This was supposed to be the year that I had some of my most amazing events & designs come to fruition.

You can find my 2019 year in review here if you really want to deep dive into getting to know me a bit more. Last year we took part in 44 weddings & events. This year, we should have had 39. Once again, you may think, why do you keep working less & less? The long & short of it, I had a lot more full planning clients and I have really strengthened my wedding management process to be a lot more involved. I took on fewer clients because each one took on so many different service offerings such as Style & Design. 

In January, we took part in the Wonderful Wedding Show once again. I was 8 months pregnant and the long days were killer, but it was totally worth it! I met so many amazing couples and got to network with a few new vendors.

In February, we welcomed our third little squish. After a bit of a miscalculation on the baby's due date, I had to, unfortunately, miss 4 weddings in February. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done, but I knew that they were in amazing hands. Luckily, Mel from Melanie Parent Events was able to take over 2 of them, and I was able to follow along on her IG stories behind the scenes. 

Additionally, in February we officially hosted our first workshop with Engaged WPG, our sister company. I woke up bright and early the morning of the workshop (I'm talking 5:30 am) and I had so much energy and adrenaline flowing! Mel & I had prepped for months, and working on the speaking notes had me so excited to answer everyone's burning wedding questions. Life had other plans and I went into labour. By noon, we had welcomed our third baby!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I am so extremely grateful for the friendship that has developed between us. It's not every day that you find a friend in a competitor, but that is truthfully what has happened. 

My first event post-baby was March 14th when we hosted our first boutique wedding show for Engaged WPG, which coincidentally ended up being the weekend the city shut down due to COVID. None the less, it was a fabulous experience that I wouldn't change for the world, and we are doing our next event in 2022, details can be found here

In the months following this city-wide shutdown, we ended up staying home and getting much more family time than we could have ever anticipated. We also homeschooled our kiddos and I postponed 26 weddings. It hurt me to see my couples hurting. It hurt me that I couldn't be with them. I had dreamt of their days honestly as much as they had. Fast forward to June when I was finally able to work my first "pandemic wedding". We ended up with a total of 13 weddings this year that proceeded, which was amazing. We also took part in some pretty incredible photoshoots at Kinloch Grove, Kitchen Synk, St. Charles Country Club and the Cloakroom.

We had some of the most gorgeous intimate weddings this year in some new venues and restaurants such as the Oxbow & Saddlery on Market. Although it was short-lived, getting out of the house and getting back to work was a breath of fresh air, literally. We have never done so many outdoor events! 

This year was full of small blessings, silver linings and big hurdles, but the extra time at home is something we will likely never get again.

I look forward to 2021, with optimism and caution all at the same time. I have 31 weddings currently scheduled and I can't wait to see them come to life.  I will be busy behind the scenes for a little while anxiously awaiting the day that I can finally do some face to face meetings with my couples. Oh and I started up a TikTok page, so next time you are "bored in the house and you are in the house bored" and need some wedding planning tips, check them out! 

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for choosing me to be a part of your day. There is so much talent & experience in this city and I am truly honoured that you have chosen Tricia Bachewich Events.

Stay safe & happy (virtual) planning! - Tricia xoxoxo

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