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What to Bring on the Wedding Day

Chances are your wedding planner has a fully stocked emergency kit for you to use all day, but how do you know which personal items to bring with you? What do you do before you see your planner? This post will give you all the information to keep you prepped and ready for your big day! If there is one thing we have learnt in the past 2 decades of planning/organizing events, it's that you can never be too prepared!  Our fully stocked emergency kit is at your disposal once we see each other on the wedding day, but there will be a few hours in the morning we won't see you, so be prepared!

If you are getting ready in a hotel (which most brides do) you will need a few more things than if you got ready at home. 

Here is your check list:  - Your dress  -Your veil/head piece  -Your underwear (think sexy lingerie for a quick little boudoir shoot when getting ready! (Luxe Images by Jill is completely your gal in this department. Her boudoir photos are unreal!  -Flip Flops to wear in the hotel room so your feet aren't black and dirty  -Toothbrush  -Deodorant  -Lotion (stress causes dry skin!)  -Water Bottle (stay hydrated and remember to keep drinking water all night)  -Phone Charger (stay in touch with your planner throughout the evening/day)  -Tylenol (stress causes headaches)  -Wedding Rings  -Snacks!  The worst thing to be on your wedding day is hungry. Think small, easy to pack, non-perishable snacks like protein bars  -Clear Umbrella if it's calling for rain on your wedding day  -Thank you cards and gratuities for your vendors 

Optional (if needed):  - Feminine Products  - Razor  - Any medication you are currently taking (birth control pills- I know this seems crazy but if you keep it in your purse or on your night stand you may easily forget this one!)  - Face Cleanser  -Anything that you personally need to fall asleep on the wedding night (I am thinking white noise, essential oils, the most snuggly PJ's you own).  -Clothing for the day after the wedding, chances are you aren't going home to re-pack on your wedding day

Note: Most hair stylists want you to refrain from washing your hair on the wedding day, check with yours to see what their preference is!

If you do not have a professional hair/make up team coming to your getting ready location you may also need to bring your make up, hair products (hair spray, straightener, blow dryer, bobby pins).

Prior to heading to your hotel room, here are a few things to do/consider:  - Practice wearing your new shoes. Break them in. Wear them around the house to get used to them. If your shoes are slippery use a bit of sandpaper to scuff up the soles of the shoes so you don't slip!  - Pre-write out all of the thank you cards/gratuities for your vendors. There is nothing worse that forgetting a vendor in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day.

Do you have something that helped you immensely on the eve of your wedding day that we haven't mentioned? Email us, we would love to add your valuable input!

As always, happy planning!

 - Tricia xoxo

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