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Top Wedding Videographers in Manitoba

Your wedding day is a mosaic of emotions, promises, and fleeting moments that deserve to be etched in time. At Tricia Bachewich Events, we highly recommend that every couple hires a wedding videographer. A well-crafted wedding video preserves every glance, every vow, and every tear, ensuring your love story is cherished for generations.

Join us as we unveil Manitoba's top 8 wedding videographers, each a master in capturing the essence of your unique love story. From sweeping landscapes to intimate exchanges, let these talented professionals weave the magic that transforms your wedding day into an everlasting visual treasure.

KT Films

Kirsten's hope is that when you watch your film you don't just see your day, you feel it. This means that she captures the moments that come naturally to you; Like the way you light up with joy when you see each other or how you get down on the dance floor together. It means she gets to know your story, to make sure she honours and tells it well. Every couple and every wedding is different and her goal is to reflect that in each film she create!

For a deeper dive into the world of KT Films, check out their website & Instagram!

Karina Walker Creative Capture

Karina Walker is passionate about telling powerful and emotional stories and capturing your wedding moments in a cinematic way. She wants to keep you engaged and in the moment, so you can leave the memory preserving to her!

To uncover more about Karina Walker Creative Capture, take a moment to explore their websites & Instagram and discover what they have to offer.

EE Media Productions

EE Media Productions i s known for their modern and dynamic wedding videography. They excel in producing visually captivating films that showcase the energy and excitement of weddings. Their cinematic style and attention to detail make them a popular choice among couples seeking a contemporary touch

If you're curious to learn more about EE Media, make sure to check out their website and Instagram for a closer look at their creative work.

XJ Films

XJ Films  is a team of talented videographers committed to delivering high-quality wedding films. With a keen eye for detail, they capture the romance, joy, and spontaneity of weddings, creating timeless videos that couples can cherish for a lifetime.

Interested in discovering more about XJ Films? Head over to their website and Instagram to get a glimpse into their innovative filmmaking endeavors.

Prairie Film Co.

Prairie Film Co believes that it's important to be on the same wavelength as the couples they work with. Their goal is to communicate your story of love, and to provide a memory of your wedding day that you will treasure forever. They want to meet with you and get to know you as well as possible before your big day. One of the many joys of their work is that they constantly get to make new friends, in fact they are still friends with many of our clients, even years after their weddings.

Eager to learn more about Prairie Film Co.? Check out their website and Instagram to stay connected and informed about their exciting film ventures.

Dean Rover Films

Dean Rover Films is synonymous with elegant and timeless wedding videography. Their approach combines classic storytelling with a contemporary twist, resulting in videos that not only capture the moment but also transcend time, becoming cherished heirlooms for couples and their families.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore Dean Rover Films portfolio by visiting their website and following them on Instagram.

Picture & Poet

Picture and Poet helps you reclaim the reason you want a wedding in the first place: to celebrate passionate, gritty, tough, real, honest, love, YOUR way. They offer an approach that isn’t about fabricating who anyone wishes to be, and instead focus on exactly who you are.

If Picture & Poet piques your interest, make it a point to check out their website and Instagram for an in-depth exploration of their films.

Rhyme and Rhythm

Rhyme & Rhythm believes that Love is worth celebrating. They create beautiful films that speak to each couple and celebrate who they are and the journey that brought them to their big day.

To dive deeper into the world of Rhyme & Rhythm, don't forget to explore their website and follow them on Instagram.

Choosing the right wedding videographer is crucial for preserving the magic of your special day. Each of these talented professionals brings a unique perspective and style to wedding videography, ensuring that your love story is told in a way that is both authentic and breathtaking.


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