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The Wording on an Invite

Knowing how to word your invitations can be a bit tricky, especially if you are working with a blended family, deceased parents or divorces. Here are a few tips and tricks to help!

Parents should be included on the invitation if they are contributing to the wedding in any way. If you are including one set of parents, you should be including both.

If your parents are divorced or separated, list each parent’s name on a separate line, with the mother’s name appearing first and don’t include “and” between their names. This allows your guests to know that they are your parents, but they are not together. If your mother isn’t remarried, her title should be “Ms.,” rather than “Mrs.,”. You will either use her maiden name, or her married name, whichever she legally uses. If either (or both) of your parents are remarried, you’ll still list each of them on a separate line, with your mother listed first, along with her spouse.  For each couple, follow proper etiquette when referring to people such as Mr, Mrs or a professional designation like Dr.

When either party has lost a parent, the etiquette is a bit more difficult. A deceased parent can’t host an event, although you still want to include them in the invitation to honour them. Instead of sending an invitation where the parents of the bride are inviting guests to attend their daughter’s wedding (“Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rivers invite you to the wedding of...”), you should put the bride’s name on the first line, followed by “Daughter of Mr. Timothy Rivers and the late Jane Doe.” This way the parent is still honoured, although it is very clear that they are not going to be present/hosting the event.

In addition to the traditional information you may also include the word presentation if you prefer monetary gifts.

You may also choose to include shuttle information, a map to the venue, meal selections or hotel block information. Your stationer will be able to walk you through the in’s and outs of what to include on your invites.

Questions? We would be happy to chat!

Happy Planning!

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