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Saving Money

How to save money on your wedding day!

Alright folks, we all know that the budget is always a sensitive subject. So today, lets dive into ways that you can save some money at the wedding. Here are my top ten tips to save money on your wedding day.

First off, researching will save you money.  Research the venues you are interested in so that you don't fall in love with a venue you can't afford. Hiring a planner can help cut down on research time, mileage costs and managing your budget. I know that sounds counter productive, hire someone to cut costs, but I promise it will save you time, money and headaches down the road.

Shorten your Timeline. Plan your wedding in under 12 months. This means the price that you see in your quote is the price you will pay on the wedding day. More often that not, vendors and venues have a clause in their contract stating that you will pay current year's pricing. If you are booking 1-2 years in advance you could see a 2-5% increase per year.

Lower the Guest List. This seems like a given, but seriously lower your guest list if you can. Having less guests means that you may end up saving between $50-$150 per person. Lowering the guest list can mean not having a "plus one" on each invite. It can also mean not inviting children to the wedding.

Buy Second Hand. If you can buy decor from a previous bride, do it! Check out this great Facebook swap group. There are tons of great used items for sale including decor, signage and linens. Depending on the items, you may even be able to sell them after the wedding.

Re-purpose Decor. If you are able to use any of your reception decor during the ceremony to avoid needing to purchase twice the decor, do it! (Yes, I realize I am starting to sound like a Nike commercial, but I am passionate about budgets!)

Consider Harvest Style. This suggestion only works in venues that already have the long 8 foot tables readily available for use. Having harvest style seating means that you may be able to stretch one centerpiece for every 12-14 guests, rather than one for every 6-8 guests at a round table. Depending on what the tables look like, you may be able to get away with having a simple runner, rather than a full tablecloth as well. Consider all of your options and price everything out to make an informed choice!

Choose an "off" Date. Having a mid-week wedding, a winter wedding or a non-peak season date may save you boat loads of money. This generally means that you will incur lowered spending minimums at your venue. It can also mean less competition with your preferred vendors or even a lowered bar bill.

Ceremony/Reception Locations. Consider (if possible) hosting your ceremony and reception at the same place. This will cut down on transportation costs if your limo/bus has less stops to make. You may also end up paying a lower fee for the ceremony hosting it at your venue, since you are likely already paying for the full day anyways.

Brunch Weddings. Literally some of my favorite weddings are brunch weddings. Avoid the large bar bill and pricey lighting. In general, breakfast and lunch menus are more cost effective than dinner since you are serving smaller portions. You also completely eliminate the need for a late night snack when you get married in the morning!

Cash Back Cards. Pay for the wedding expenses on a cash back credit card. This way, every time you purchase a wedding related item, you are being paid to purchase it. It's a genius idea really. The average wedding in Manitoba costs around $35,000 so if you were able to get 2% cash back on that, that would equal $700 in your pocket.

I hope you have all enjoyed my money saving tips! Enjoy every minute of your planning process because it all flies by too quickly in my opinion.

Happy Planning!

-Tricia xoxo

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