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Most overlooked items on your wedding day

Hiring a wedding planner would be the best bet to ensure that nothing is overlooked on the wedding day. Of course, we understand that not everyone can include this in their budget with all of the postponements and additional expenses due to COVID-19. Here is a list of the most overlooked items when planning a wedding to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch!

Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Be sure that you rehearse this with the officiant as well since often times the indoor location is a different lay out than the outdoor location. If possible, have a few extra seats at the ceremony, not everyone will sit perfectly beside their neighbor and there are often single available seats leaving some guests standing at the back.

Print the timeline or notes for your emcee. They may not come prepared and nothing is worse than the "deer in a headlight" look when dealing with a crowd on the most important day of your lives.

Have a set of stationery available for your photographer the morning of the wedding. He or she will likely want to do some flat lay photos with your shoes or jewelry and having an invitation will up level those photos.

Have a spreadsheet or note on your phone with all of your vendors contact information. If something comes up that you need that info quickly, you won't want to spend time filtering through emails. It's also a nice idea to have a main contact person on the wedding day, although we know that is hard because you don't want to make your family members or friends work on the wedding day. It's best to hire a planner, but we know that may not fit within the budget.

Plan to have breakfast and lunch throughout the day. Order brunch while you are getting ready, otherwise you may simply forget to eat throughout the day and end up feeling nauseous or dizzy pre-ceremony.

Pack a mini-emergency kit. You may end up needing dental floss, a band-aid or a change of shoes throughout the day.

Lastly, have cash on you. You may end up last minute popping into a pub for a beer/photo opp. It's always nice to have a bit of cash for additional expenses that pop up throughout the day or to tip your vendors.

Happy Planning!

Photo Credits: Lauren Cox Photography

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