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Kissing Games

Kissing Games for the Reception

Are you against the traditional glass clinking? Check out these kissing games to keep your guests involved, interested and keep you smoochin’ all night long!

  1. Kissing for a cause. Recently I have seen this option pop up more often, which is fantastic. Purchase or decorate a jar to be placed on the head table. During dinner, each time a guests puts a monetary donation in the jar, the bride and groom must kiss. All of the money collected throughout the dinner portion of the evening would go to a charity of your choice. It’s best to let the guests know which charity you have selected ahead of time as some guests tend to be a bit more generous when it is a charity near and dear to their hearts. Consider adding a fun twist such as under $10: peck on the cheek, under $20: kiss on the lips, over $20: kiss with a dip.

2. Tell a short story. Invite your guests to an open mic. Be sure to have the emcee announce that in exchange for one clean, short story the bride and groom will kiss. It’s a great way to give the family members that aren’t part of the speeches to tell a story.

3. Sing a song.  Encourage your guests to get up, moving and chatting with this option. Every time that your guests since a song with the word “love” in it, the bride and groom kiss. This option could get a bit loud and if you have a tight schedule or program, it may not be the best option.

4.  Offer Marriage Advice. Ask your guests to write marriage advice on a paper and bring it up to you at the head table. You can then open the advice the following day when you have time to process it all, or even just remember what the guests are saying. You can also save the advice and keep it a secret until your first anniversary.

5. Bring in a game. Consider tying the game into your theme. If you are getting married at a golf course, consider bringing in a putting game. Getting your guests up and out of their seats will break up the “long” amount of time spent sitting during dinner and speeches.

I hope I have inspired you to find a unique kissing game to keep you smoochin’ all night long!

-Tricia xoxo

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