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Incorporating Family Members

It can be tough to try and think up tasks for all of the family members and friends that want to be a part of your wedding day. Rather than giving them a task that feels un-important, here are a few suggestions!


Typically parents & members of the wedding party will say a speech.... but who is emceeing the event? Choose someone that is comfortable in front of a large group of people. 


While the ushers have a short job, it is still an important job. If you are looking to assign a small task to 2-4 people pre-ceremony, this could be a great option! 

Guest Book Attendants-

While this job may only be over cocktail hour, it is important to let your guests know what to do upon arrival to the reception. It is also wise to choose someone that is under age (IE- a teenage cousin) so they don't miss out on cocktail hour either.

License Signing-

Even though it is typically your MOH & BM who sign the license, that's not a requirement. Get creative and include whoever you want! 

Incorporate Talents-

Do you have a talented family member that offered to play your first dance song or your processional music? If you trust them enough, take advantage of that! 


Have family members create your slideshow (if that is something that you are into). They will have fun looking back at all of the photos and it will guarantee a bit of wedding day embarrassment! 

Kissing Game/ Shoe Game-

Occupy your guests, maybe it's with a shoe game or a kissing game, but keep them busy. This doesn't all need to fall on the emcee. Invite whoever you want to do this part! 

It is important to include family members and friends in the celebrations and not necessarily the workload. Use your vendors for set up and tear down, rather than family members so everyone can enjoy the day! Happy Planning!

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