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How To Politely Not Include Kids In The Wedding

Deciding whether or not to invite children to your wedding can be one of the most difficult questions when it comes to your guest list. You don't want to offend any of your friends or family but inviting their kids may not fit the budget or the style of wedding you are planning. Here is a list of ways to politely say "sorry your kids aren't invited".

First let's start with some reasons you may want your wedding to be child free:

  • Your budget doesn't allow

  • You want your friends and family to have good time and not have to worry about their toddler crying or their kid running around the room

  • Kids don't fit into your wedding style/vibe

  • Kids take up room on the guest count/list and you want to save those spots for friends or family

  • You don't want kids running around or screaming/crying durning your wedding

  • You want to party with adult only

So now how do you politely tell your family and friends "sorry your kids aren't invited to our wedding"? The first way we recommend is to address the wedding invitation "Mr & Mrs. Smith" this way it is clear that this invite is only for the adults, if you were inviting their kids as well you'd address it "The Smith Family".

Here are a few sayings you could include on the wedding invitation or wedding website as well:

"Please note this will be an adults-only celebration"

"Although we love your little ones, this is will be an adult only affair."

"We love your kids but thought you might like a night off. Adults only please!"

If you are including your nieces and nephews but would prefer no other children you can say:

"Children of immediate family only please."

"Due to necessity rather than choice, we can only invite children of immediate family. We hope you understand and enjoy your night off!"

We hope this lists help you navigate this decision and how to address your decision with your guests!


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