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How to Manage the A/B List

How to Manage the A/B List

Creating your guest list is never an easy part of planning a wedding. Now imagine having budget restraints, venue guest list restrictions, or a variety of other reasons why you can't invite everyone you want to invite. Enter, the A/B list!

  1. When you are contemplating an A/B list, you need to purchase invitations for everyone that you could potentially be inviting. The reason you need to do this is because you need to have the invites on hand, ready to send out, so there are no delays. Can you imagine not being able to send all of your guests the same invite because the template you are using is discontinued? How about if you hired a calligrapher and they are too busy to add another 50 to the order?

  2. Prioritize the B list.  You may not be able to invite everyone on the B list. Sometimes the family lists coming from your parents may be longer than you anticipated. Sometimes you hire more vendors than originally anticipated (think 2 videographers, 2 photographers, a wedding planner and an assistant, a DJ, a live band, etc...) Regardless of the situation, you need to be OK knowing that everyone on the B list may not be invited, so don't talk wedding meals to your most extended co-worker.

  3. Don't send any invites past the RSVP deadline. There is nothing worse than letting a B list guest know that they are on the B list. Every time that an A list guest RSVP's no, send out a B list invite. If you are getting really close to the RSVP deadline, consider creating a new RSVP card and including it.

Keep in mind that guests cost money, and if you can't include everyone you shouldn't feel bad. A list guests aren't necessarily better or more important than B list guests. The A list is often built up of family members, or extended family members that MUST be invited. At the end of the day, it is your wedding, do what works best for you!

Cheers! - Tricia XOXO

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