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How to Incorporate Pets in the Wedding

Have you always dreamt of your wedding day with your furry friend by your side but had no idea how to incorporate them? Then this is the place for you! Keep on reading for some unique ideas!  

One way that you could incorporate your pet (or favourite animal) into your wedding day is by having a dedicated time to take photos with them. Take some time to enjoy your best fur friend and get some cute photos taken together! 

Another idea is to have your dog walk down the aisle. They could walk alongside your flower girl, ring bearer, a groomsmen, bridesmaid or even the bride. It is important to take into consideration how your dog does around large groups of people and if they will cooperate with your vision. 

If having your furry friend at your ceremony isn't for you, then you could include them at your cocktail party or for a certain amount of time at your reception. Having your dog, an alpaca or your horse greeting your guests at your reception may be a fun way to kick off the night! (Just make sure that your venue allows animals first)

If you are going to include your pet on your wedding day, why not dress them for the occasion? A flower necklace or bow tie that matches your colour scheme is just the thing to make them wedding-ready.  

When planning how to incorporate your fur buddy into your wedding day also consider who will be the caretaker (pet-sitter) for the day. Having a friend or a hired pet-sitter to take care of your pet is a good idea so you don't have to worry about them having food, water, bathroom breaks, etc...

If you have other ideas on how to incorporate your pets, let us know!

Happy planning!

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