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Gorgeous Clear Lake Wedding

Picture this: a stunning wedding set against the breathtaking backdrop of Clear Lake at the Elkhorn Resort. It was a day filled with magic, beauty, and a whole lot of love. Let's dive into the details of this incredible outdoor celebration that we were lucky enough to officiate and manage!

The ceremony was like something out of a dream. With nature as the backdrop, the couple exchanged their vows in a setting that felt like it was plucked right from a romance movie. We were thrilled to officiate this union that overflowed with pure love and emotion.

Now, let's talk about that ceremony arch. It was a masterpiece crafted by the amazing folks at Stonehouse Weddings. Covered in stunning flowers, this arch looked like it belonged in a fairytale. And don't even get us started on the aisle arrangements that led the way to this floral wonderland - they were like a trail guiding everyone to happily ever after.

As the sun started to set, the party moved to the reception area, and boy, was it a sight to behold. The tent was transformed into a haven of elegance. Right in the center was the king table - the star of the show. Hanging above it was a floral arrangement that brought a truly beautiful touch to the tent.

Each table was a work of art, decked out with vibrant flowers that brought life and colour to the whole space. Taper candles added a cozy glow, making the whole atmosphere feel intimate and oh-so-charming. The mix of colours throughout the reception perfectly captured the couple's joy and the natural beauty of the surroundings.

So there you have it - a stunning Clear Lake wedding that was all about love, beauty, and the incredible power of turning dreams into reality. This celebration will forever hold a special place in our hearts as a reminder of the magic that happens when love and creativity come together. Thank you to all of the vendors who made this day possible:

Cake & Dessert: Flour & Flower

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