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Gift Ideas for the Wedding Party

Feeling stuck on what to gift your wedding party as a thank you for being a part of the big day? This blog should get you on the right track! First up, the guys. Because they are the hardest to buy for.

- Flasks with their favourite drink

- Matching items for the wedding such as socks, ties, pocket squares, watches, etc...

- An experience together such as a day out at the barbershop pre-wedding

- Matching watches

- Think outside the box for a few ideas that are really custom to your friends. If you guys all like to fish together, get some customized tackle/bait. If you like to hunt, get engraved hunting knives.

There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and Etsy to get you started! 

The ladies are probably a bit easier to buy for, but here are a few ideas:

- Pay for their hair or makeup on the wedding day

- Purchase little clutches filled with a few toiletries that they might need on the wedding day

- A piece of jewelry so they are all matching (ie: earrings or a bracelet) 

- Matching robes for the morning of the wedding (This is great for hair and makeup, or some pretty cute photos) 

- Gift boxes filled with some snacks and treats (think mini bottle of champagne or macarons)

If you have some littles in the wedding party, they might not be as easy to buy for.

Here are a few ideas for your flower girl or ring bearers:

- Purchase their outfits 

- Customized water/milk bottle saying something cute like "Ring Security" with their name on it. Especially if they are old enough to read they will think this is fantastic. 

- Depending on their age, a necklace or a bracelet might be a good option for a flower girl. Keep in mind this may get lost or broken so don't buy real gold/silver

- Baskets of things to keep them occupied throughout the day (colouring, crosswords, snacks, puzzles, playdoh, etc..)

I hope that these ideas help you along on your planning journey!

Happy Planning

- Tricia xoxo

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