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Engaged WPG: The Passion Project

As many of you will already know, I launched my second business in November 2019. This little business took off like a rocket and has kept me quite busy! 

What many of you may not know, is the "why" behind this little passion project. Let's dive into what Engaged WPG is, and the upcoming events and services are have to offer.

In October 2019, I got a call from a fellow female entrepreneur, Melanie Parent. She had an idea to launch a wedding show with Academy Florists and offered me the opportunity to be a part of it.

We immediately got to thinking, planning and our small scale idea blew up! While our husbands may not enjoy how much time we are spending away from them, it has been so fun it hardly seems like we are working!

After working through our business plan, creating a website/logos/branding and many other logistics with our accountants- here we are.

The first event taking place from Engaged WPG is called Planning with the Pros. While you can find all of the information on the upcoming event by clicking the link, let's chat about it for a few minutes.

We desperately wanted to fill a void in our local market. We saw far too many Facebook Groups and chat forums that brides had the same questions over and over. Constantly looking for credible vendors, timeline advice, recommendations on what colors to pair together, etiquette or marriage license questions. 

You may be able to find the answers to these questions on Facebook or Google, but how do you know the answers are correct? How do you know they are relevant to your local market? How do you know how to piece together a budget when you have never planned a wedding? All of these things can be extremely overwhelming for a newly engaged couple, and we understand that not everyone can afford a wedding planner from start to finish.

We want to educate, empower and inspire brides in a safe, intimate environment. For attending the workshop, you will leave with a bunch of free swag, a customized workbook complete with checklists, honest answers to your questions and a clear path on where to go next. The best part is, that for 3 hours you have access to two of the cities top wedding planners, for a lower cost than an hourly consultation with one! 

The second event we are planning is a Boutique Style Wedding Show. This annual event is a small scale show, with reputable vendors and TONS of inspiration. We want you to come by, chat with the vendors, take photos of the inspiration, have a mock-tail, stay a while and enjoy your planning process. 

If you have questions about either event, feel free to email us directly at . We look forward to guiding you along in your planning process! 

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