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Cost Saving Tips

It's no secret that we are all looking for a few ways to save money on our wedding day. Here are a few of our (tested and true) cost-saving tips! Here you can find a blog post all about saving money on your wedding day, but this post is specifically dedicated to how a planner can (nearly) cut your spending in half.

1- A wedding planner will have a wealth of knowledge.

Not only will this save you time (and time is money) but it will also save you money! You won't need to drive to multiple site visits if your planner can already tell you that the venue you are considering doesn't fit with your aesthetic, price point or if there are a few things to note that you haven't considered. 

2- A wedding planner will keep you on task.

You won't have to worry about buying things so early that you change your mind. You won't have to spend hours browsing google for the best planning resources. You won't have to purchase if you are able to rent. There are so many ways that keeping you on track/task saves you money!

3- A wedding planner will have a preferred vendor list.

How is this helpful? They will only be referring to credible, honest vendors. They will most likely also be offering a discount to you since you have been referred by your planner. Pop over here to see the differences between hiring friends & vendors.

Choosing a planner can be tough, be sure that you choose someone that you truly connect with. This planner should completely understand your vision as well!

Happy Planning! - Tricia xoxo

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