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Ceremony Music

Music carries so much emotion, especially during a wedding ceremony. It is so important to walk down the aisle to a specific part of a specific song at a specific time.

While we always suggest leaving this up to a professional, we understand that not everyone has space in their budget to do that.

Live musicians are game changers at ceremony. If the wedding party takes too long to walk down the aisle, that skilled musician will keep the music going. They will not abruptly stop a song once the wedding party has reached the altar. 

At a very minimum, having a DJ play the ceremony music will take a huge weight off of your shoulders. They will be playing high quality resolution 

The very first music you will need at your ceremony is called pre-ceremony music. This is generally between 30-60 minutes prior to the ceremony start time as guests are arriving. Smooth jazz music, or easy listening is great. Avoid using any songs that are part of the processional or recessional during this time.

First Song:

The first song as part of your processional is usually for your wedding party or parents of the groom. The guys normally go down the aisle first, or they are already standing up at the alter when the ladies go down. Most songs are between 2-3 minutes so unless your wedding party is enormous, you are totally ok to use one song for both guys and girls. Keep in mind that the groom will likely come down after the groomsmen, either solo or accompanied by Mom or Dad.  If you have little ones in your wedding party (ring bearer or flower girls) they can come down to this song or the next song. Here are a few of the most commonly used songs for the wedding party processional:

Jack Johnson- Better Together

Ed Sheeran- Thinking out Loud

John Legend- All of Me

Try to choose something personal to you as a couple. There are no right or wrong songs to choose! 

Second Song:

Once your wedding party song is faded out and you are ready make your grand entrance, be sure to have your officiant to ask your guests to stand. Most guests will likely do this automatically, but it's a good thing to mention just in case. The song you choose to walk down the aisle should be a song that is important to you. So much emotion is conveyed through music, think of a song you and your hubby to be enjoy. After all, this might be the first time he sees you on your wedding day- make it as amazing as possible! I once had a bride walk down the aisle to the Star Wars theme song, whatever floats your boat, right?! I am also going to add in a pro-tip to have your ushers seat your guests up the aisle of the ceremony. This way, if there are any empty seats, they won't be visible in the photos. Here are a few of the most commonly used songs for the bride's entrance:

Train- Marry Me

Pachelbel- Canon in D

Sara Evans- Perfect

Bruno Mars- Marry you

Third Song:

The third song that you will most likely play will take place during the signing of your marriage license. If you are doing a sand ceremony or unity candles you may also choose to use this song to play through those too. Here are a few suggestions for signing songs:

Final Song:

The last song you will play during your ceremony will be your recessional song, the song you walk down the aisle listening to. Remember to pause at the end of the aisle to get a "just married" picture with all of your guests in the background!  This song is usually something super fun and upbeat, after all you are finally married!!!! Here are some suggestions for the recessional song:

You may consider also having your live musician stay during cocktail hour to play while the guests are mingling as well. 

Whether you have one song, twelve songs, or no songs, your wedding will be amazing!  The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day, take your time and choose songs that are meaningful for you and your partner. Keep in mind that nothing can replace the value of live music, a skilled photographer, a trained officiant and an experienced wedding planner tying all of these important moments together.

Happy Planning!

-Tricia Bachewich Officiant and WPIC Wedding Planner

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