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Benefits to a Winter Wedding

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Hosting a winter wedding might be a bit unconventional, but breaking the traditional mould is what my clients are all about. Here are 5 benefits to hosting a winter wedding!

Increased vendor availability

You might be able to get a Saturday date with your venue or dream vendors a bit easier or in a faster timeline. Popular venues book up 1-2 years in advance for the prime summer dates but you might be able to scoop up a winter Saturday date in 6-12 months.

Less competition

Not only are your vendors going to have increased product availability because there are less couples competing for the same date, your guests will feel the same way. Some of your guests probably attend weddings every month in the summer time. Give them a bit of a break by choosing an off-season date allowing them to re-gain a sunny weekend at the beach.

Hair and Makeup Lasts Longer

With little to no humidity, your hair won't want to curl up so quickly! Additionally, since the sun won't be beating down on you, you won't sweat through your make up. The groomsmen will also thank you for not putting them in a suit mid-summer.


Some venues/vendors offer reduced pricing or winter promotional packages as an incentive for couples to choose winter dates. If this is the case, you can get a bit more for your budget.

It's just better in the winter

There are no many things that you can do in the winter that just don't work in the summer. Having a coffee cart is a fabulous idea. Have your guests warm-up upon arrival in a way that just isn't the same in the summer. Having a candlelit ceremony likely isn't possible in the summer (unless you are getting married in the basement) but in the winter, it's dark at 4:30 pm! Those winter pictures are also un-beatable.

Happy Planning!

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