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A Wedding Planner's Wedding

Ever wonder what a wedding planner's wedding looks like? Please note that this took place in 2010 and we started our planning in 2008, so most of the items are going to look extremely outdated, because they are, now. I am happy to share all about my wedding day, letting you know what I loved the most and what I wish I did.

We had a wedding in May (we didn't want to battle the heat) and we had approximately 90 guests with a budget of $50,000. We ended up spending just over $45,000 and we were happy with that. We felt that we had everything we wanted... at the time.

What I loved about the wedding-

First, let's start with the best parts of the wedding. I loved that we took a full 2 year engagement. It allowed us to properly structure our finances & have the wedding we wanted to have. We were able to do a full host bar, which ended up costing us nearly $10,000 but we wouldn't have changed that. We offered our guests a double protein dinner (chicken and beef) and we had a day full of laughs and memories.

I loved that we hired a wedding planner (actually three of them) so that we could relax and be hands-off on the wedding day.

I love that we kept everything within the city limits for our guests. It made it much easier for the out of town guests to navigate in the city.

Things that I would change about our wedding day-

Keep in mind that when we planned this 12 years ago, some of these items were not even thought of at the time.

I wish that we had invested more money into photography. As you can tell, our photos are fuzzy and not exactly the quality that I would hope to see.

I wish that we had invested in a videographer. Back then, they were few and far between and probably cost and arm and a leg, but I wish I did it. I wish I could scroll back to our wedding vows, or listed to the speeches again. I wish I could watch our first dance from an outsiders view.

I also wish that I knew that a first look was possible. We had a very large gap between our ceremony and reception, and our guests didn't really know what to do during that time.

All in all, the day was incredible, the weather was gorgeous and the memories are unforgettable. When you plan your wedding day, I know that the budget is important and that you have a number to stick to. I understand that. Hear me out though. If I had the option today of going back in time to spend a few thousand dollars more to have a better photo team or to add a videographer, I absolutely would. Think of what is important to you on your wedding day and why it is important. Prioritize that, rather than trying to keep up with the Jones's.

Happy Planning.

- Tricia xoxo

Vendor Team:

Florist: Macyks Florist

Hair and Make Up: Snips & Shears

Sadly, not all of our vendors are still in business so we have not credited the cake, suits, transportation or the photographer.

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