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2021 Wedding Trends

Although we can't predict the future, let's take our chances at predicting 2021 wedding trends. Pantone has released their 2021 colour of the year. I can't say I am surprised, I have a bedroom and a bathroom painted with the illuminating yellow and ultimate grey. Actually, nearly my entire house is grey. I am a fan! Honestly, I don't see that being the most popular colour this wedding season. Why? Perhaps because the entire wedding season of 2021 is actually 2020 a year later and they have already planned out their colours but are still waiting on the wedding to actually take place. Regardless, let's dive into my predictions. 

1- Chairs

I think we will see a lot more intimate weddings this year (even if restrictions are lifted), which means a larger budget for the specialty items we didn't see quite as often.

I think that couples are going to be up-levelling their design, and splurging a bit more on the lounge furniture and the specialty chairs that come with that. Locally, hit up The Floral Fixx, CT Rentals or Planned Perfectly, they will be able to take care of you! 

2- Up-levelled flatware, glassware and dinnerware.

This one kinda falls in line with the chair prediction. There are a few new companies that have launched this year that offer smaller scale dinnerware packages for intimate weddings. I personally love Union Table. They have high-quality dishware & a variety of napkin colours that aren't otherwise available in the city.

3- Interior Design Inspired

Gone are the days of being inspired by a large ballroom and traditional wedding inspiration. I think this year, we will see a lot more interior design inspired elements. Think coffee tables, lounge furniture, potentially more purchased items vs large scale rented items. 

4- Terra Cotta

I think that we are going to see a lot of warm, sandstone colours again this year. All of the incredible designs that should have come to fruition this year will be postponed to next year so we won't see those disappear for a while. I do also think we might see a small resurgence of grey/purple.

5- Coloured suits

I think there might be a higher expectation placed on the grooms to elevate their attire since the weddings are smaller and there will inevitably be more focus on the grooms. We might see more rust coloured suits (below), purple, grey, white or patterned or just a simple and elegant blue suit. 

6- Restaurant Weddings

With intimate weddings being on the rise, I think we will see an increase in restaurant weddings. Traditionally, they are smaller than the average banquet hall or hotel, which can feel overwhelmingly large with a smaller guest list.

7- Over the Top Flowers

Now that our lists are a bit smaller, it leaves for a bit more space in each category of the budget, if you want it. I think that we will see more unique ceiling installations and over the top wedding flowers.

I am curious to see how 2021 will play out, and to see if any of my predictions are correct! Happy Planning!!

- Tricia xoxo

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